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Feeling down and out if your vehicle experienced a collision. Come and avail our Body and Paint services to make your vehicle just like new. With KIA Body and Paint services you stay rest assured of getting your vehicle repaired quickly and perfectly. Your vehicle repair is done using latest equipment to ensure quality repair work; use of premium genuine parts is also ensured. Body Paint Our state of the art paint-mixing facility for precise color matching guarantees to make your car gleam and look like new.

We recognized the importance of separating the paint environment from the contaminants that are indigenous to body repair. KIA Motors Defence also committed the resources needed to acquire the best paint booths and related equipment.. Our computerized formulation system can make a perfect match of virtually any color ever made. KIA Motors Defence uses Kansai paint materials throughout the process exclusively. And, of course, nothing matters as much as our people.KIA Motors Defence refinish personnel are highly skilled professionals, trained and assisted by Kansai factory representatives. They are continually training our staff on the latest technological advances as well as product advancements.